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17 professors facilitated by Manish Sisodia under Award for College Lecturers scheme


Delhi government honoured 17 professors and lecturers for their outstanding work in colleges and state universities. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia facilitated these lecturers with the Award for College Lecturers. Award for College Lecturers scheme was launched by the Aam Aadmi Party (APP) in 2019 in order to acknowledge the contribution of lecturers. The candidates for the award are selected on the basis of student feedback, improvement in results, extra-curricular activities, research work, and other academic areas. Manish Sisodia was present at the event and went on to state that “teachers and lecturers are the biggest contributors to nation-building “.“Our teachers impact millions of lives with their work. Our teachers prepare the foundation of the country, our children, for the future. The faculty members of our colleges have been instrumental in building a knowledge-based society in Delhi, so it is our duty to honour them. Our vision is to change the country through education and our teachers are contributing in this direction by leading the movement,” he added further. As per the guidelines for the Award for College Lecturers, one lecturer from each of the 28 colleges under the government-funded university and two lecturers from each of the three state universities must be awarded. The award comprises of a citation along with a prize of Rs 1 Lakh. This facilitation occurred on the same day the Deputy CM inaugurated the new Delhi Teachers University. “The university will offer a new age, integrated teacher education programme after Class 12. It will also emphasize on the fundamental and applied research in education by collaborating with national and international organizations,” he stated.

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