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CBSE Class 12 chemistry term 2 exam 2022: What students said after the paper


CBSE Class 12 chemistry term 2 exam 2022: Class 12 student of Prayag Public School, Lalgopalganj in Prayagraj Raghvendra Singh said that he found the Chemistry question paper well-balanced and that his exam went very well. “I did not find the questions to be complicated or requiring too many calculations. The questions were all along expected lines,” he said. His classmate Prakhar Pandey too echoed similar sentiments.

“My exam went excellent and I should score well. I found the difficulty level of questions as expected. As the questions were not too tough, I also did not find the question paper lengthy either,” he shared.

Rajeev Goel, another class 12 examinee, said that the question paper was pretty balanced one and all questions were from within the syllabus. “However I think the question number 8 in set-2 had a minor error in its sub parts,” he said.

Chemistry teacher at Ganga Gurukulam school, Phaphamau Anurag Yadav said that most students with their basics of all chapters brushed up would have done well. “Nothing was out of syllabus and the questions paper conformed to CBSE pattern. Basic of all chapters were aptly covered in it,” he maintained.


Students in Chandigarh said that the Chemistry exam conducted for class 12 in CBSE schools on Saturday was easier than expected, and many students could be seen discussing their chances to get a 35/35 perfect score in today’s exam.

Outside Government Model Senior Secondary School in Sector 46-D, Samar, a student of Guru Nanak Khalsa Senior Secondary School in Sector 30 said that he had solved the sample paper given by CBSE and Saturday’s exam was much easier than that. “However an understanding of the topics was required as the questions asked weren’t so straightforward,” he added. Another student from this school, Akshay said that he found the organic chemistry portion a bit hard. He added that attendance seemed to be full at the exam center here.

Standing outside after the exam, Vipul Yadav of Ajit Karam Singh International Public School (AKSIPS) Sector 41 said that he had found the exam easy and was able to finish it well before the time limit. “Most emphasis was on physical chemistry which I was able to attempt well. Only a few questions of inorganic chemistry were asked. The questions asked for organic chemistry were also relatively easy,” he said.


Alok Bansal, chemistry teacher at Silverline Prestige School, Ghaziabad said  from the teacher’s perspective, the paper was balanced and NCERT-based. Almost all the sections were easy and as per the syllabus. From the students’ perspectives also they were satisfied and a few of them found it an average paper. And they are very sure of getting good marks. The chemistry paper has 3 sections carrying a different weightage of marks. Section A was of 2 marks, section B was of 3 marks and Section C was of 5 marks. There were 3 sets of paper and the section of the paper was balanced and as per the CBSE pattern.


Many of the CBSE Class 12 Term-II students found difficulty level of Chemistry subject question paper as moderate and said paper was NCERT based.

Aman Goel a Class 12 student of GD Goenka Public School said, ” The question paper was not very difficult but few questions were tricky, particularly question No. 9″. Ananya Srivastava, a student from the same School said questions were directly from NCERT.

In the words of Khushi Mittal and Kshitiz Pratap Singh of Class 12, the numerical from Chemical Kinetics was tricky, but overall the paper was good and we are hopeful of scoring good marks.

For Raghav Malhotra, the question paper was fine but part A of question No. 12, arrange the compound in their order of its reactivity was confusing.

Vaibhav found the paper easy as it was set on NCERT pattern and some questions were directly from the NCERT book.

Overall the paper was neither difficult nor very easy. A comprehensive study of the subject was required to attempt the paper, the students said.

Kashmeera Gupta, a student of Lucknow Public School,  Jankipuram said: 

“There were a few questions which were very easy and were directly from the NCERT Book only, barring one-two questions. Overall the paper was moderate.”

Aditya Mukerji another student of LPS South City said, “Overall, a good question paper, was easy and got completed on time.”

Anshuman Shukla of LPS Jankipuram said: “Paper level was easy. It was of moderate level wherein some questions were confusing and based on NCERT only.”

Ankur Srivastava, the  academic coordinator- Chemistry and RB Singh. Chemistry teacher of LPS Jankipuram said, “It was a very balanced question paper, wherein almost all the important concepts were tested, and simultaneously the difficulty level of the Question paper was also not too high. The language of the Question paper was lucid and clear and thus was easy for the students to comprehend.”

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