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PACE IIT & MEDICAL, Kalyan & Palava Branch has been voted as the best coaching institute in the KDMC area


PACE IIT & MEDICAL, Kalyan & Palava Branch has been voted as the best coaching institute in the KDMC area per our research from 7000 plus Students in the region. A total of 117 coaching institutes were screened in the process from the entire Kalyan, Dombivli & Palava region & Jury of The Education Weekly after close monitoring of different parameters like Faculty Experience, Ease of Accessibility to Students, Classroom Atmosphere & also Professional Ethics in Teaching has selected PACE IIT & MEDICAL Kalyan & Palava branch as the best on ground coaching Institute for JEE & NEET preparations.

Mr. Sarit Agarwal has also recently won multiple awards for Innovation in Quality & Affordable education and also bagged the Trendsetter 2022 award from the Honourable Governor of Maharashtra. Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari this year. With a passion to uplift the standard of education and provide ease of access to underprivileged students, Mr. Agarwal has been deeply involved in many social activities that helps and nurtures students to do their best in their respective field. 

A passionate team of Experienced IITians & Doctors on the faculty list makes PACE IIT & MEDICAL stand out from the rest of the crowd when it comes to quality teaching.

The Education Weekly wishes PACE IIT & MEDICAL, KALYAN & PALAVA a hearty congratulations for their outstanding performance and dedicated approach towards Student Groups.

Experiences of a few students, about Impact of Lockdown / Pandemic on Education

Akashdeep Sain, from Pawar Public School, currently preparing for Engineering from PACE IIT & MEDICAL, says, that In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused severe disturbance to everyday life across the globe. When the first lockdown was imposed, we had considerable issues with a trustworthy internet connection to access digital devices for online classes, which eventually became the new normal. Online education also posed a risk of increased screen time for us Students. Although there have been a lot of challenges, several opportunities were created by the pandemic and those were that our traveling time to school was reduced due to which we got more time to study at home and also we could explore new platforms for learning at home.

Madhavi Gupta, from Podar International School, currently preparing for NEET from PACE IIT & MEDICAL says, Due to COVID-19 lockdown we as students had a tough time. It was a difficult task for us to study in the online mode, as we are not used to this. I initially faced lots of challenges but slowly and steadily it was becoming a habit. Later on, I found that this lockdown had a positive impact on my studies as it provided me with lots of extra time for my self-study which is important for me as a student. But as we have two sides to the coin, this lockdown also had a negative impact…as we were not able to see our teachers and were locked in our houses.

Viraj Rajeev Chandroth, from Omkar Cambridge International School, currently preparing for JEE ADVANCE from PACE IIT & MEDICAL, says the unforeseen outburst of the pandemic forced lockdown upon us which caused a hindrance to my studies. I could not participate in any of my practical and lab lectures. I could not get my desired environment to study in as well lost the opportunities for educational trips and prevented my growth in many ways such as socialization and practical knowledge nevertheless as every coin has two faces it also gave me a chance to experience online learning. In my opinion, there was more positive effect than negative due to the pandemic.

Madiha Shaikh, from Lodha World School, currently preparing for JEE Advanced from PACE IIT & MEDICAL, says the pandemic lockdown has changed many things, one of which is our studies. During the lockdown, our classes were switched to online. While we enjoyed the comfort of studying in our own home, it was also a challenge for the students as it felt like we were practically teaching ourselves making it harder to understand things. Many students had lost the motivation to study including me. Studying during the pandemic was definitely harder than it was before but we pushed through it and are now a better version of ourselves who are willing to learn more.

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