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CUET UG 2022: Five tips to ace common entrance test


As the CUET UG exam is a few days away, this is a very crucial time for aspirants. These last few days are important in terms of preparation. Students are advised to be thorough with their syllabus. Every mark counts and even one question could make or break your admission chances into your dream college. Mastering domain subjects along with English and General Test subject (where applicable) is crucial.

Five tips and tricks to remember in your final days of preparation:

— Focus on basics – facts, events, dates, definitions and personalities
CUET focuses on the first two levels of learning, which are memory and understanding-based questions only. Therefore, you must give adequate focus and attention to the fundamentals and understanding aspects of your chosen subject content across all streams.

— Understanding concept 
It is important to have a good understanding of the concepts in your chosen subjects. The questions could test your ability to remember, reason, logically analyse various aspects of the concepts that you are going through in chosen subject chapters. Definitions too become a very important component across all types of questions.

— Minimise errors
The difficulty level will depend on each candidate’s preparation level. However, candidates should remember that the question paper has been designed to cater to students across the country from multiple boards, geographies and mediums of instruction. This means there will be a premium on accuracy and careless errors could prove very expensive.

— Brush up sub-topics and board chapters well
Revising the summary of the chapters and the sub-topics is crucial. Pay attention to the relative weightages in board exams for each chapter and use that as a guideline to dedicate your valuable time. If you have to ace the CUET UG exam, make sure you revise all chapters and topics, even if the might appear unimportant.

— Practice mock papers 
Look out for newer types of questions such as assertion, reasoning etc. This will help you get familiarised with the type of probable questions. However, do not panic as the focus of these questions is to test your conceptual understanding only. The more the number of questions you practice with, the better will be your familiarity with the subject.

CUET is in its maiden year, so some hiccups may occur. Candidates should be mentally prepared to be least affected by these. One important thing to remember is that it is important to stay positive and healthy.

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